Reason and Heart – An interview with Igor Ledochowski

Igor ist one of the my precious influences in the Field of hypnosis and in my career. That is Part of the reason why I feel especially blessed to have him agree to a very special interview with me. While he was very generous in sharing his vast knowledge and insight, he also presented an exclusive practice of his Indirect Selfhypnosis Method in order to help affirmations take effect that we can give ourselves and that we might have wrestled with for years or decades. Igor makes it so easy.

Please enjoy this four part interview with Igor Ledochowski!

Interview mit Igor Ledochowski part I – Influences taken to heart
Part II – From fantasy to reality
Part III – How you can be for REAL
Part IV – Affirmation guaranteed, The Indirect Self Hypnosis Method

For a pdf with notes and further links, please click on this link and send me a short email.

For more of Igor’s work you may want to go to www.hypnosistrainingacademy.com .

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  • Ans

    Hello There!!
    How interesting g this is!!!

    I would love to receive the tekst on the o Tervuren and especiaally igor’s hypnosis…

    So gratefull!


    • Karsten Küstner

      Thank you, dear Ans!
      I have sent out the pdf 🙂 Much fun to you!

  • Matt Bradley

    What a wonderfull crossover website for all levels on the hypnotic voyage! Full of compassion, wisdom and insight and having listened intently i wish you happines and success through calmness and peace.

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