Procrastination and pressure dissolving in a second

Let’s use our tools…

Sometimes I forget what amazing tools we have to work with the mind, shape it, feel it, heal it. Even though I am working with it everyday, my mind tends to forget good stuff that is around. And that seems to be the case for most if not all people, recent neuroscience research shows. We tend to overestimate what we are capable of in the short term, but we greatly underestimate what we are capable of in the long term. So, instead of relying on what we think what skills we have available. Let’s use consistently what works. And what has worked for me greatly is: Conversational Hypnosis as well as Deep Self Hypnosis.

No more procrastination with ease

Here is a short exercise to dissolve unnecessary pressure, so you can do what you want to do more efficiently, with more fun, and you start directly what is really needed in the moment. And you can feel good about it too, doing the exercise as well as whatever you do as a follow up on having done the exercise.

Just watch the video and go along with it with no particular concentration. Can you imagine watching with ease?


Can you imagine watching and listening with ease and no particular concentration?

Photo by Yoori Koo

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