The deeper truth about dissolving your problems

Your mind on a different level dissolves problems effortlessly

Your mind can be tricky. And incredibly powerful. Let me show you how powerful your mind can be!

Look at this shape, called a „Necker Cube“. Check if the front of the cube is pointed to the left or to the right?

Necker Cube Image

Keep looking at it for a few seconds, and notice it flipping. It might flip quickly or it may take a few seconds, but it will flip, I guarantee (or rather, your mind guarantees).

Now, I am asking you the question: „Which way is it really pointing?“

The answer is hopefully not too disappointing, but as we may see in a moment, actually quite exciting:

„It is not pointing anywhere.“

Why is it not pointing anywhere? Because in a reality with more truth value, the cube doesn’t exist. It is a creation of the mind.

It is a 2-Dimensional object on a screen or a piece of paper. Only lines on a flat surface. Cubes cannot exist in 2 dimensions. They only appear to be 3 dimensional. And what is making this seemingly real appearance possible is your Jedi mind. This is actually more significant than you might give your mind credit for:

Your mind can make something appear that is not actually in existence

At least not in the way the appearance makes us believe. Your mind makes a cube out of lines on a screen, and much in the same way your mind makes future predictions and remembers past events in real life. Neither future predictions nor past events actually exist in factual reality, they only appear to be existing in the way your mind is making you believe.

That is why it is totally valid to change a belief or to change a memory. You never change anything that was real in the first place. You only change the appearance of things that was created by the mind. And when you change a belief or a memory your whole world changes. Your past history as well as your future potential that your mind is capable of predicting. You can actually change your mind to make more powerful predictions, and realistic possibilities appear that you did not have access to before.

And the way to really change a belief for good or to change a memory for good is the same way you change the Necker Cube into what it really is. And when you do, you have a sense of relief and often a sense of enlightenment, you are getting some deeper truth that was hidden before.

Stop trying to answer the “wrong” questions!

When you realize that the Necker Cube is just lines on a 2 dimensional screen you are relieved of the burden of having to answer the question which way the cube is „really“ facing (sorry I made you suffer a bit, hope it was worth it). Because on that level there is no answer, you would suffer endlessly by trying. In that same way we can continue to suffer endlessly in our lives until we stop trying to answer the „wrong“ questions.

I can take you into hypnosis and through a hypnotic process, basically lifting you from the fictional appearance of your world of suffering into a more truthful state of reality. It is quite a blissful experience because our conditioned world of pain and worry, fear, guilt, and other stuck emotions is turned off. The trickster mind is going to sleep, and another mind is being switched on. The one that is connected to true  potential. And from there anything is possible. Anything.

When we are trying to solve a difficult life problem: procrastination, relationship issues, money problems, we often basically try to flip the Necker Cube from facing into one direction to the other direction. We want to „get rid“ of our problems, we want more money instead of less, less arguing in relationship and more loving, getting things done instead of things piling up on our to do list that we never get around to.

The magic of flipping reality

But when we do it this way, and we hope for the best, and maybe we have a little bit of success, it always switches back and soon enough goes south again. The devil is in the detail, as a German proverb goes. It is as if the devil just doesn’t let us make the changes for good. But there is a solution: The Necker Cube also flips, all the time, and it is practically impossible to stop. With a lot of practice we can learn to slow down the switching. That’s what some successful people do. However, there is a much more thorough and easy way. Don’t try to make the Cube switch. Don’t try to make your problems go away. Instead realize the deeper truth that there never was a cube in the first place.

Now, all you have to deal with are the lines on the 2 dimensional surface. In the same way instead of trying to get rid of procrastination or trying to appease your life partner, realize the deeper truth of your conditioning by past events and conditioned future predictions. Deal with those, and your problems go away. How do you do it in real life? I can help you with that.

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra 

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