Begin Again!

You may have thought that beginning again may not work, just because you have done it a thousand times.

I made this video as a reminder or a perspective change. Because in my experience, beginning again does work! (It is quite hypnotic, so watch when you can fully pay attention!)

Begin Again!

Here is the full text or may I call it poem?

If you feel like you have done it a 1000 times, and it has worked sometimes but then something came in between and made you stop: begin again. Now you are more conscious. 

If you feel non-motivated in your head, not able to figure out what’s wrong, and the body just not feeling well: begin again. You are now healing.

If you have a new idea, and you don’t know if you have the energy to implement it, but it is something you really would want to do, and it feels good even thinking about it: begin again. You are now starting to live.

If you doubt yourself, criticize yourself, or tear yourself apart for not following through, not believing or simply for no good reason at all: begin again: You are coming up against your inner critic, and that is the only thing you really have to overcome. You are doing that right now. 

If you see someone and you are having a bad thought about them: Stop and begin again. Bring your thoughts to at least neutral as that person is nothing but an idea you have about yourself.  

If you think you need to stay in a situation because it gives you a sense of safety but it doesn’t energize you: begin again. Drop your thinking and follow your bliss. Because life is sending you on a new path that will protect you much better than the old one could. The image of safety is just a bland mirage of life that is actually not life at all but sucks you dry. Begin again and think differently about the situation that makes it easy to move on.

If you haven’t decided who that person is you call „I“ and what you want it to be: begin again and reflect upon what you would want to have happen to this person you call „I“.  

If you are unsure if it can be done, whatever it is, begin again and do it. Once you have done it, look back and be grateful. And if you are hesitating to start, know one thing for sure: you can always begin again. 

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  • matt bradley

    Thanks for that Karsten; As always your work comes from a place of love, respect and acceptance. It is good to be reminded.

    Enjoy your day

    • Karsten Küstner

      Hey Matt, thank you! What are you working on these days? In case you want to share something, please feel free!

  • Rusty Cuave

    Wow! My first impression of your poem Karsten is that is the key to unlock a door. The door I have been wanting to open for 30 years but couldn’t find that thing that would make the real difference. The Thing that keeps the door locked is my thinking “That I Can’t” remove any blocks to awakening into my full potential and expanded Self.

    I am excited to watch and listen to your Video and Poem experience to retrain my subconscious “That I Can”!

    Thank you for your creative talents!

    • Karsten Küstner

      Thank you, Rusty! And feel free to listen to this over and over to retrain your subconscious. What would you notice first when the door finally unlocks?

    • Luciana Amado Martins

      The poem is very motivating and brings hope to start over as many times as necessary.

      Luciana Amado
      From Brazil.

      • Karsten Küstner

        Dear Luciana, I am flattered to read from you here, and grateful that the poem is motivating you and bringing hope. Many warm greetings to Brazil!

  • Nick

    That is beautiful Karsten. Reminds me that every moment, every instant, every day, is a new beginning. Time is an illlusion. Alpha is Omega. You’re brilliant!

    • Karsten Küstner

      Thank you for your kind words, Nick! And I am glad that this video/poem can serve as a reminder that everyday is truly a new beginning.

  • Cristiana Alexandra Batista dos Santos

    Que o pulsar da vida nos permita começar de novo sempre que necessário e nos liberte da crença do impossível!

    “Begin again” é o pulsar da vida!

    Grata pela partilha!

    • Karsten Küstner

      I am humbled and grateful for you here, and everywhere! I will remember “o pulsar da vida”.

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