Inner Silence

Taming the inner critic

How to tame that inner critic and do what you REALLY want to do! The problem is we are misinterpreting reality, and we are often missing the point of what it is trying to teach us.

That is why we are often stuck in a loop for years. Until we finally do something different. In this video I am speaking about an important hypnosis principle, without which we are hardly able to overcome our unholy patterns.

When you learn how to use this principle in everyday life as well as in your practice (whatever that practice may consist of), you can turn around your approach to life completely, which in turn will yield a different type of result.

One that you prefer, I guarantee you.

Let me know in the comments how you are planning to use this principle!

And feel free to get practical support by this hypnosis audio/video how you can empty out stress completely.

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  • Rusty

    In Al-Anon we use the principal of Detaching with love from the Alcoholic in our life. This helps to break the cycle of worrying about and trying to get the alcoholic to stop drinking. Our members learn to focus on themselves with self care with more acceptance of the disease of alcoholism while still loving their family member. Thanks Karsten for showing us ways to dissociate from the critic that keeps us stuck in a powerless cycle! Rusty, AZ

    • Karsten Küstner

      This is very motivating, Rusty! And thank you for sharing your experience in applying this principle so realistically and practically in life. This can further motivate people to not give up, but instead look at their chosen life principles and re-evaluate them. So good to read this! Karsten

  • Nick Bachur

    This is a very effective technique Karsten, thanks. Your readers and clients have the best chance of growth in this space, that is, the space between association and dissociation. It has helped me become aware of the parts, think IFS or parts work, that are introjects and through a point of dissociation from them, gain a better awareness of their benefits and detriments. It is in this space that communication with those parts can occur. Their strength and care may be harnessed to help rather than restrict or condemn. All the best!

    • Karsten Küstner

      I like this so much, Nick. The communication with the parts is key, and it can only occur when we are aware of them. IFS seems to be very good at helping with this kind of helpful benign awareness.

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