Yoga Sleep Temple Japan – seminarfee + single room, breakfast and dinner included, September 04 to 09, 2018


Location: Nozawa Onsen, Japan
Total of 6 transformative days and 5 nights in a single room including breakfasts and dinner of Japanese High Cuisine Standard

Book your space at the Yoga Sleep Temple Japan, including five nights at the exclusive Ryokan Hotel Sakaya.

For inquiries, please send us a mail to

Flights are specifically not included, so you may arrive and depart at your own convenience.

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Product Description

What is a Yoga Sleep Temple?

Sleep temples are regarded by some as an early instance of
hypnosis over 4000 years ago. They also existed in ancient Greece and were built as temples to the Greek God of Medicine, Acelepios.

Sleep temples were hospitals of sorts, healing a variety of physical, emotional and mental ailments. The treatment involved chanting and magical spells to put the patients into a trance and then sleep overnight. Healing would take place whilst the person was in a deep trance like sleep.

Taking the form of a very special retreat this is an opportunity to go deep within and find healing, change and transformation of your body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

For 5 nights and 6 days, you and a selected group of like-minds will be guided on a journey of deep personal transformation through a uniquely crafted process consisting of group sessions as well as individual coaching through expertly taught yoga, breath work and meditation combined with transformative, deep hypnosis and exploratory sessions of trance.

Each night, you will be guided with a hypnotic induction before you sleep for subconscious dreamwork and barrier breakthrough.

At this exclusive Retreat you will benefit from the presence of two of the best teachers in Yoga and Hypnosis to finally reach the goals you have set yourself.

Dive into yourself during this magical weekend and allow yourself some time away from your stressful every day life.

We allow for plenty of relaxation and me-time for you, as well as time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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