Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Certification 2020

Over 30 years of combined Hypnosis experience (by Igor Ledochowski and Karsten Küstner) join Karsten for a Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Training (Only 20 Seats Available).

September 8th to 13th 2020 in Hamburg Germany. Sign up and/or find more information provided by my partner Igor Ledochowski and his Hypnosis Training Academy by clicking below.

What is Conversational Hypnosis?

“When hearing the word ‘hypnosis’ many people inevitably think of a hotel entertainment show, where a ‘volunteer’ is made to do embarrassing things and does not remember anything afterwards, much to the entertainment of the onlooking crowd. Conversational Hypnosis, however, has nothing in common with this type of hypnosis. You are aware and responsive and not helplessly surrendered to the hypnotist. On the contrary: conversational hypnosis is the key to your subconscious which holds all the answers you need to live the life you deserve. A true gift to yourself.“ – Karsten Küstner

Starting point and goal of Conversational Hypnosis always is to achieve the best possible outcome for your client. By no means is the aim of this type of hypnosis, as often wrongly assumed, to manipulate others for self-serving purposes. The hypnotist works with the subconscious of his client for the sole goal to fulfill his or her deepest desires and personal goals. Unconscious barriers and possible traumata are revealed and solved by means of what appears to be a “normal” conversation.

You will learn the special language patterns and tools that make this possible, and will be able to apply them independently!

No seminar taking place near you? No problem! Simply drop us a note for upcoming events in or near your town.


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