Not only NLP but also HNLP(TM)

The basic idea of NLP is that language influences the brain, hence it also influences our way of thinking and ultimately our actions. Acquired behaviour (e.g. through education or upbringing) and unwanted behaviour patterns can be altered with these methods, breaking old thinking patterns to make room for a “NEW YOU”. The aim is to recognise and strengthen your individual resources that are otherwise superimposed by trauma and/or thought patterns.

Karsten teaches the more modern, “more humane” form of NLP – the so-called HNLP (Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology), founded by John Overdurf.

Explore the world of NLP in one of our basic courses, which will serve as the basis for your HNLP-Practitioner and Master-Practitioner training.

There are no prerequisites for this course. The only things necessary are:

  • common sense and mental stability
  • your individual experience of life
  • and a desire for unlimited success!

Right after the seminar you will:

  • be able to reach your full potential
  • realise, how we are being manipulated by media and our surroundings and protect yourself effectively
  • be able to accomplish your goals
  • be able to increase your sales figures
  • be able to present your ideas much more effectively
  • notice how your sensory sensibility has sharpened to the point that you notice things most people do not. Some even say that, after the seminar they could literally hear the grass grow

Who is this seminar for?

  • This seminar is particularly interesting for you if you are working in a business and communication oriented profession
  • Whether you are a salesperson, a professor or teacher, a student, a practicing hypnotist or therapist, a business woman/man, or if you are personally interested in developing on a personal and/or business level, this course helps you achieve your goals with ease

NLP is a fantastic, easy-to-use tool that allows you to reach your goals by simply applying seemingly everyday language. You will be able to give presentations and convey your ideas in a way that others will be convinced by your point of view.

No seminar taking place near you? No problem! Simply drop us a note for upcoming events in or near your city.


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