Deep Self Hypnosis

Change Unconscious Programs

“Deep Self Hypnosis” is a new approach to the timeless skill of Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a special kind of meditation where we are directly communicating with the unconscious mind

  • In this practice, you learn how to release old, unconscious, unhelpful habits and replace them with habits & actions that are deeply supportive to you, your life & your dreams.
  • In life, the only constant is CHANGE. We’re either changing in the direction of our dreams, or we are changing & sinking deeper into our old habitual ways.
  • With self hypnosis, you learn how to co-create with the ever-changing, dynamic aspects of life – whether that’s internal or external changes.


So why is this called “Deep Self Hypnosis”?


  • Because we’re gonna go DEEEEP. 
  • So many of us are habituated to live surface-level or semi-surface-level lives – and there’s nothing wrong with this at all. It’s just how many of us have been conditioned by our culture, our families, our modern era. 
  • The issue lies in the fact that when we are living more on the surface, our unconscious habits & tendencies run the show most of the time.
  • We’ve all seen the image of the iceberg used as an analogy of the conscious vs unconscious mind.
  • Studies have shown that approximately 95% of the thoughts you had today are the exact same thoughts you had yesterday… and the day before that… and the day before that… and so on. 
  • This means, we are all running on auto-pilot 95% of the time. Our unconscious thoughts & habits are RUNNING US. So why not create the healthiest & most supportive unconscious habits we can?
  • We break this by diving into the depths of our unconscious minds and using the skills you’ll learn in the Deep Self Hypnosis seminar will provide you the tools to do this any time you notice an old unhelpful habit rearing its ugly head again.
The deeper you go, the more you co-create your life for the better.
  • I have developed this online seminar program using 20+ years of training & experience. It seeks to provide skills in four main areas of Self Hypnosis…

Weekend 1:

  • Day 1: Connecting The Inner + Outer Worlds
  • Day 2: Regulating the Nervous System & Embodying Peace

Weekend 2: 

  • Day 3: Releasing Blockages & Limitations
  • Day 4: Using Symbolism to Set Your Direction
The program:

2 weekends: Nov 20/21 & Dec 04/05

Hours: 8am EST – 1.30pm EST (5am PST – 10.30am PST, 2pm – 7.30pm CET, or Singapore time: 9pm – 2.30am)


First weekend Only: EUR 448

Both weekends: EUR 598


There will be 3 sessions/day. Sessions will be approx 108 mins long and will include:

  • Guided Hypnosis Inductions
  • Meditations
  • Fun and Simple Self Hypnosis Exercises
  • Simple movements with the breath
  • Talks
  • Q&A
  • Breakout discussion groups (voluntary)
  • Time to rest, replenish & review

For those of you in different time zones – the seminar is being recorded and you will have access to each recording within a day or two of the event. You will receive a zoom link when you register.

Bonus 1:

You will receive a free recording with unlimited access – the seminar is being recorded and you will have access to each recording within a day or two of the event.

Bonus 2:

Seven days of recorded self hypnosis guided inductions to keep you on track with your practice after the seminar. For a spurt of continued growth and successful implementation.

Bonus 3:

A free 60 minute Q&A session about one month after the seminar is completed, so we can be in touch and I can help monitor your progress – an important part for longterm growth.

Much love, and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!



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