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Emotional Mastery Program

3 Months of Evolution

Many clients choose to continue theire journey with me in a 3 months program for emotional mastery. The program will guide you through a personal journey taking you from a self-centered preconditioned lifestyle to a wholistic-selfactualized lifestyle.

We are engaging the power of your unconscious in order to construct and create dramatic shifts in your life.


This is what awaits you

Das Programm besteht aus Einzelsitzungen mit mir, Videositzungen und hypnotischen Audiofiles, die Dich durch einen abgestimmten Prozess leiten. The program consists of individual video session with me.

I will also give you direct input for your personal evolution in transformative group video sessions, once a week for 12 weeks. For some people it is not easy to open up to a group at first, but you will get to know the impact of a safe setting and the energy of more than one person enveloping you and lifting you up.

This group setting is the perfect training ground for life changing relationships of all types, from work relationships to intimate relationships.

Your investment: 3700,- €

This is me

Transformation is my elixir

I have fought long and hard to recognize the true power within me, and find freedom in my own evolution. I had always longed for freedom, and at the same time for being accepted and loved for who I am. Ever since I was a little child I would be doing something others weren’t necessarily doing. When I was seven I persuaded my parents that learning to play the drums was a much better fit for me than learning the violin. Much later, as an adult, I moved to Japan and joined a film production company. Great success on the outside which I wasn’t able to fully feel on the inside.

Then I came across methods like Conversational Hypnosis and deep self hypnosis that helped me understand how to break out of the cycle of small successes and bigger dissillusionments. What was crucial in breaking free was not so much the method but the attitude with which I would put the methods to work. It is the same attitude I put forth in coaching others, and I love to support fellow humans in their evolution and guide them through their own tranformational process. In addition to the above I teach my experiences and the techniques and principles in my seminars, which bridge the gap between halfway successful and fully alive and thriving. It is my dream to create a harmonious world with other people, with plenty of space for individual creativity and freedom. I am convinced that this world in which we really want to live already exists. And I am rejoicing and feel blessed if you decide to be part of this process of bringing this world into awarenesss and thus into reality.

Out of the shadow into the light – engage the power of your unconscious to create dramatic shift in your life…

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