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Journey to Septembermoon

In Japan and some other parts of Asia the moon has a special significance for people in the month of September.

We can look at the moon with awe and humility or with a sense of companionship. The moon in September is clear and bright, strong but pearly gentle. The moon can remind us of inner powers and support that have not been touched in you and made use of before.

Let this month hypnotic journey guide you to a new understanding of your self. And you have a mighty network of support right here, right now. A hypnotic journey can help you to develop a new, clearer and more joyful vision for your life. Let me guide you through this hypnotic journey.

Find your place here!

We go on an online journey for about 90 minutes, that can help you create a courageously healthy future. I am guiding you in an online group through an unforgettable trance journey, from wherever you have an internet connection.

All you need is an internet capable device, computer, cell phone or alike, and speakers or headphones. I will be guiding you every step of the way. Some of the images will be given to you by me, but you will become able to generate your own powerful images in order to create a vision that is true to who you are.

These days we are moved by life. A time were insecurity seems to reign. But the seeming insecuity is a great chance to choose a new path. And you have much more scope in creating than you might have thought.

Choose the date you want to participate and choose how much you would like to pay.


  • You may choose an amount. Be generous as your circumstances permit.
  • You can choose from 17€ to 47€. Whatever is realistic at this point for you. Your investment helps me get projects on the way and contribute to the well being of our human society. If it is impossible for you to pay anything, please email me directly. Noone will be left behind on this journey.

Choose the date:

  • After booking you can put your name and contact info into the “journey calendar” for this date:
  1. Sunday, September 12th 2021, 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm CET (which is 1.30pm to 3pm EST, probably a good time for the Americas). Or on the same day for those of you living in Asia, Australia or Europe: 10am to 11.30am CET.

The journey works like this:

  • During the first 30 minutes or so, I will describe the process and anser some questions. We will also start generating powerful images that can turn into visions.
  • The main part of the journey, the hypnotic part, will be about 45 minutes long. I will guide you into a smooth trance. Not to worry, you will have a certain type of consciousness present at all time that is very healing, restful and peaceful.
  • After the journey, we have about 20 minutes for a debrief.

You are welcome to show your face via video in order to connect more deeply with the whole group. However, that is not mandatory. It is totally okay to just participate via audio. You may just roll with the journey, or you can choose a more active role but interacting with me directly.

Hypnosis and Meditation

These practices of hypnosis and meditation are thousands of years old, tried and tested and helpful in order to set the conditions for true change.

Mental Journey

This seems like a mental journey. But there is much more involved than just the mind. On a journey we often discover layers within us that we did not expect to be there, and that can be helpful to draw from in every day life. A guided journey will help bring this about effectively.

Many years of experience in times of change

I have had many years of experience with hypnosis, working with individuals and groups. And I would like to let my unconscious guide us all into something that has an influence on the world. Our attitude will right now set the stage for what is to come. How would you like your future to look like? What can you learn from the current state of affairs, and how do you want to take the wisdom with you into the future? What if we were thinking more in terms of community, and make the best of what we have in an effort where we are not alone but stand together as society?


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