The Power of

Self Hypnosis

What is Self Hypnosis?

Do you often feel powerless when facing difficulties in life? Do you sometimes compare your life to the life of others, wondering how they apparently got ’lucky’ effortlessly. The neighbor with the great family, the friend with the well-paid job – everyone seems to have it all sorted out. Everyone appears to be ‘lucky’, just we have to struggle and fight for our success. However, you have much more power and control over your own life than you think. Paradoxically, in order to achieve this control, it is necessary to give up control. Not to someone else, but to yourself. To your subconscious!

Certain techniques allow you to locate and dissolve blockages in yourself – all without having to become ‘enlightened’ first, or spend a few years meditating in an Ashram.

In our courses, you will learn to connect to yourself and thus become the creator of your own luck and fulfilment – your own destiny.

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