with Karsten


  • “This course completes the spectrum that’s missing in most medical practices.”

    Dr. Strix Toldeo
    Dr. Strix Toldeo Medical Doctor, Manila, Philippines
  • „The Training went beyond my expectations… I hadn’t realized that I would find so many ways that I could actually apply these tools in my work…“

    Kattie Lussier
    Kattie Lussier Professor for International Development Studies, Toronto, Canada
  • Amazing how it works… at first it was pure curiosity but it turned out to be a necessity for well being. Karsten does an amazing job and provides an incredible experience in levels hard to describe. Just don’t be afraid and try it to meet your inner self. It totally worth it and you feel the changes right away. Forever thankful Karsten. 

    Syuzanna Ponta Delgada

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