Conversational Hypnosis

The power of the unconsious

What would it be like to live life in its fullest intensity? Enjoying to be alive every day, every minute, every second in full awareness?

Many people think that change may be difficult or almost impossible once we reach a certain age. While changes happens differently at different phases in life, what is true is that we can transform ALL the experiences and learnings or even inherited patterns of behavior of thought and of being. We can change who we are in life. We are malleable and we can shape our world.

I see instantly and clearly the jewel in a human being and I see the blockages holding the jewel back from shining fully. I can show you a way to transform that blockage into the thing that was missing for you to engage in life fully and shine your light.

How about you dissolve your problems? So you can feel and trust more deeply, and a life without obstacles becomes a possibility. It would be an honor for me to guide you…

Voices of people who came before you

What participants and clients say

  • Amazing how it works… at first it was pure curiosity but it turned out to be a necessity for well being. Karsten does an amazing job and provides an incredible experience in levels hard to describe. Just don’t be afraid and try it to meet your inner self. It totally worth it and you feel the changes right away. Forever thankful Karsten. 

    Syuzanna Ponta Delgada

What I offer

Transformational Programs for Your Evolution

How we receive and interpret the world is a direct result of our mental constructs, which we have inherited or developed during the course of our life. The results, successes, and perceived failures are creations of this construct, not creations of the world itself. Thus any type of suffering is a byproduct of the limitations that our mental “constitution” is burdening us with. I am making use of this awareness to facilitate the dissolution of these inherited limitations in fellow women and men. The ancient wisdom and professional, modern use of hypnotic principles are tools for me to support other humans in the endeavor of unfolding their full potential and dissolving their suffering once and for all.

When working together, it is of utmost importance to me that both sides, you and I, feel that we are a good fit and we can be a tremendously efficient and succesful team That is how transformation is happening much faster than we might think a lot of times. That is why I am asking you to fill out an application for my program. Not because I am of such importance, but rather in order for us to get to know each other a little bit, before deciding on a working together.

Relief now

A New Dawn Coaching

Out of the shadow into the light. In a personally and individually taylored coaching we uncover your core problematic constructs, and unleashing the the power of your unconscious transform those constructs in order to create dramatic shifts in your life…

Vision and Life

Emotional Mastery Programm

You have worked with me before, and now you want more. Let me guide you through a unique process, build on the enormous changes you have already made, and securely anchor them in all areas of your life…

Going All the Way

One Year Program

You have been on the way to mastering yourself for some time, and feel that the way forward will include supporting others in their healing and growing. I will teach you techniques and principles of the ancient art of hypnosis and other modalities of communication and deep transformational work, so you can move forward as a professional changeworker or in order for you to step up your creative power in relationship of all kinds. I will lay into your hands everything you need…

About me

More than 15 years experience

I have fought long and hard to recognize the true power within me, and find freedom in my own evolution. I had always longed for freedom, and at the same time for being accepted and loved for who I am. Ever since I was a little child I would be doing something others weren’t necessarily doing. When I was seven I persuaded my parents that learning to play the drums was a much better fit for me than learning the violin. Much later, as an adult, I moved to Japan and joined a film production company. Great success on the outside which I wasn’t able to fully feel on the inside.

Then I came across methods like Conversational Hypnosis and deep self hypnosis that helped me understand how to break out of the cycle of small successes and bigger dissillusionments. What was crucial in breaking free was not so much the method but the attitude with which I would put the methods to work. It is the same attitude I put forth in coaching others, and I love to support fellow humans in their evolution and guide them through their own tranformational process. In addition to the above I teach my experiences and the techniques and principles in my seminars, which bridge the gap between halfway successful and fully alive and thriving. It is my dream to create a harmonious world with other people, with plenty of space for individual creativity and freedom. I am convinced that this world in which we really want to live already exists. And I am rejoicing and feel blessed if you decide to be part of this process of bringing this world into awarenesss and thus into reality.


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