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Karsten Küstner is an internationally renowned hypnotist who will take you into the depth of your subconscious and teach you about its sheer endless possibilities via his carefully designed conversational hypnosis seminars.

“Conversational Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to become exactly the person you want to and can be. Subconscious belief patterns and traumata often prevent us from living the life we deserves. By the power of hypnosis, we can remove these barriers where they originate – in your subconscious – to get you to start living the life of your dreams now.”

Whether you are in search of the perfect partner or wondering why business is not running as smoothly as desired, your subconscious knows the answers to all of your questions. The techniques Karsten is going to teach you will help you extract those and resolve the issues that are holding you back.

All of the courses are designed in such a way that you are able to make use of the knowledge Karsten has accumulated throughout the course of 15 years!! after the first day of each seminar!

Experience with Karsten

  • Dr. Strix Toldeo
    Dr. Strix Toldeo Medical Doctor, Manila, Philippines

    “This course completes the spectrum that’s missing in most medical practices.”

  • Kattie Lussier
    Kattie Lussier Professor for International Development Studies, Toronto, Canada

    „The Training went beyond my expectations… I hadn’t realized that I would find so many ways that I could actually apply these tools in my work…“

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